Sunday, May 13, 2012

American Museum of Natural History

If you recall, back in October I took a trip to the American Museum of Natural History with some school mates, but personally I can't count that trip as actually "going" to the Museum of Natural History, mostly due to the fact that more time was spent doing a scavenger hunt instead of actually seeing the exhibits.

This past Saturday, I returned to this magical place to see the Creatures of Light exhibit as well as finally get the opportunity to see & learn everything I wanted. On a quick note, the Creatures of Light exhibit wasn't that great. I thought there would be real jellyfish and animals but instead it was just replicated environments and LED lights - though, don't get me wrong it was pretty beautiful and at one point I felt like I was in a real life fairy tale.

One of my favorite things I did at the museum was weight myself on the various scales they had placed in the floor.

It would be a HUGE crime to visit the museum and not see the dinosaurs!

By now, you should know my fascination and love with anything that has antlers, especially deer (ie, my DIY Deer Taxidermy), so when I saw a skeleton of a moose, I freaked and so badly wanted to steal it and mount it on my walls - but since I can't really do that, a picture for now will have to suffice.

On my way out, I passed by some animal exhibits and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw these. How remarkable are they ( !!! )

This trip was so much fun & I can finally cross it off my "Places-To-Go" board.

I wonder where I'll go next...
any ideas?

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