Friday, January 13, 2012

DIY: Cardboard Ring Holder

My selection of rings goes from classic to funky chunky - as does my wardrobe choices - so choosing what accessories to wear with what clothes sometimes gets time consuming, especially when I have my jewelry all jumbled around in a drawer not organized. 

Recently, I ordered a remote for my Nikon DSLR from Amazon and it arrived in a very peculiar box. It just happened to be a perfect box to use to create this DIY. 

Cardboard Box with a removable insert.
Craft Knife

Step 1.
Using your craft knife, cut the cover off the box, and cut slits into the cardboard as shown.
The amount of slits you cut depends on the size of your box and the size of your rings. My box was pretty small, and I have a few statement rings so I needed more room.

Step 2.
Add your rings!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

DIY: Deer Taxidermy

If anybody knows anything about me, they'll know I love taxidermy. And while having real taxidermy is totally unrealistic for an 18 year old living in her parents house, this DIY is a great substitute!

Scrapbook Paper
Craft Knife
Foam Board
Pencil / Scissor / Glue

Step 1.
Print the templates from Chronicle Books and cut them out.

Step 2.
Trace the templates onto your scrapbook paper. If you want, you can also print directly onto decorative paper - just make sure you print enough templates.

You'll need the following:
2 deer heads*
2 deer bodies*
1 deer nose
1 deer antlers

*One of the issues I ran into was not tracing mirror images of the head and body, so make sure you do that! I ended up having half of my deer covered in decorative paper and the other half being the white foam board. Or, if you want and have enough supplies (I surely didn't), you can create additional templates to cover your board, and not run into this issue at all. Your choice. 

Once you have the templates on your scrapbook paper cut out, you can glue the antlers together, and the head and body together. You'll end up with the following pieces:

*See how the deer head/body are parallel to one another? don't want that. 

Step 3.
Take your templates and glue them onto your foam board. 

I bought my foam board at a 99Cent store for $2. It just so happened to work perfectly with the cuts made in the templates. Keep in mind, if your foam board is thicker, you'll have to adjust the size of the cuts in the templates so that your foam board will fit in with each other.

Step 4.
Use a craft knife and cut your templates out from the foam board. Once that's done, arrange them so that they look like the picture. 

For Hanging: Poke a hole in the back of the deer's body, loop wire through it, and hang it as if you're hanging a picture frame.

That's it! Pretty sweet and simple!
Leave any comments/questions/concerns below.