Friday, November 2, 2012

Boston College Art Club Tumblr Development

This past summer, a good friend of mine from high school asked me if I could develop a custom Tumblr theme for the Art Club at Boston College.

My main goal with this project was to create the look and feel of a non-Tumblr site, all the while having it hosted on Tumblr.

The result was an odd and slightly tricky way to work around the theme to get the desired outcome, but nothing a short well written guide couldn't accomplish. 

I had free creative control of the design and instantly knew I wanted the index page to feature a slider. Built-in Tumblr Customization allows for easy image uploading and link changing for the slider. I kept the rest of the theme simple - focus on the art. 

I limited the color palette to black and white, with an accented red color. 

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